Our Services

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Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients and we provide support services, consultancy and expert advice on implementing professional development and organisational productivity initiatives.

Startup & Country Familiarisation:

Impact Creators offers business support services to organisations seeking to establish or develop operations in India. Similarly, we offer startup and support series to Indian organisations seeking to establish or develop their operations in Europe.

Consultancy & Business Development Strategies:

Impact Creators offers general business and marketing consultancy services focus on market research and business strategy development for planning and implementation purposes. We offer both tactical and strategic advice on business development needs.

Guided Entrepreneurial Tours to the UK & India: 

Impact Creators organises specially curated and guided entrepreneurial tours for the UK & European companies to India’s most fascinating regions. India has always been a land of entrepreneurs. This is the best time to visit & explore the tremendous opportunities it has to offer as one of the fastest growing market, with abundance of natural resources, youngest work-force and 1.3 billion population. Similarly, we organise tours for India based companies who wish to explore expansion opportunities in the UK & across Europe or seek to network and establish international connections.

Productivity Improvement Initiatives:

Impact Creators implements productivity improvement schemes to clienteles of manufacturing and services based organisations in India. This entails implementation of training and development workshops in the use of advance management techniques and technologies.

Professional & Managerial Development Programmes:

Impact Creators offers a wide range of soft skills development programmes to senior managers and executives. These programs are designed to enhance and extend their technical know-how and managerial capability.

New Product Development & Ingredient Sourcing:

Impact Creators provides solutions to all kinds of new product development while launching your products in India or to source some of the finest and affordable natural ingredients that could add a new flavour and aroma to your existing food or drink products. We work in collaboration with number of food labs, farms, factories, manufacturing hubs in India.

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